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March 21st, 2008

08:44 am - *blows dust of journal*
Oof! So much to do!

I confess I somewhat forgot I had this journal...things had gotten so busy recently.  Odds are no one even knows about this journal anymore.

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February 28th, 2006

11:02 am - I'm not dead yet!
Ah! It's been a while...many apologies for disapeering like that. It's been a very crazy time here since I last messaged. While technology is no stranger to the halls of SAIA, it always is a little slow in the times...luckily Fa'Lina has invested in a few computer machines...though they are a bit restrictive at the tme.

Anyways. Busy busy busy! Oh my it's been hectic coming back and getting things ready to start classes. Destania's former office was a mess! While I respect and admire her...I have to wonder how she was able to keep anything organized in the maze that consisted of her office. However I think I've gotten that part under control and am now working out my class outlines. With luck I should be able to start the classes in a few weeks. I already have had several Cubi come to me inquiring about the class, so it's looking to be a good start.

I should depart for now. I just wanted to let everyone know I'm fine and all is well...if not a little busy.

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January 6th, 2006

07:31 am - Changes
I remember when I first joined SAIA...how happy I was. How proud my parents were. The first day of classes. Meeting and talking with some of the more powerful members of Cubi society. I worked hard to prove myself a top-model student and to impress my superiors. And I recall the pride I felt as those I tutored flourished under my supervision. I never really wanted to go out into the world persay...dealing with adventurers and unkept masses never appealed to me. Which is why for as long as I can remember, it has always been my goal to perhaps one day be a professor myself.

...I suppose it is a bitter irony that what should be the defining day of my four hundred year goal is overshadowed by a heartache caused by a mere sliver of that timespan.

Breaking up. Even when it is you who instigates it...it still seems to hurt. I mean...I care for Merlitz. Perhaps more than I really should. And while it would be easy for me to simply brush it aside as me choosing career over romance...deep down I get the feeling we'd be better off if we broke clean and simple now. It seems the better of all options:

1: Breaking up and going separate ways (and hoping never to cross paths in a time when its Cubi vs. Adventurer...that's just awkwardly tacky)
2: Kill him and seal his soul in some jewelry to keep with me forever (While tempting...I feel oddly uneasy as I know it would upset Merlitz deeply...so no)
3: Kill him and let his soul go into whatever afterlife there is. (Like 2, I feel uneasy at killing him. Granted its the popular way of Cubi/being breakups but still.)
4: Kill eachother in a suicidal love-death-pact. (No)
5: Wipe his memory of me (While Merlitz might deep down be happier from this, all adventurers seem to get really prissy and "my memories are sacred". Go figure that they'd prefer being angsty in their memories than blissful with some lacking.)
6: Keep Merlitz with me at SAIA (Urgh. I'm sure Abel would get a real kick out of that. But no...there are far too many complications and I doubt Merlitz would approve of some Cubi lifestyles)
7: Give up the job and go with Merlitz (Similar to 6, only inverse approval. I can't really see myself as settling down as an adventurer-wife...not to mention on top of that I'd likely outlive Merlitz by far.)

I'm sure there would be other options...but really...its stressful and tiring as is. What's done is done. I'll get over my feelings no doubt and I'm sure sometime later Merlitz will get over his. The sooner he heads back to Lost Lake the better.

Still. It's dreadfully depressing.
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December 4th, 2005

09:34 pm - Abel
Oh buggering hell...

I suppose it's ironic fate that the one Cubi Merlitz would pick a fight with happens to be Abel. Which I guess is a lucky thing for Merlitz. Still, Abel was the last Cubi I wanted to see during this whole fiasco, much less try to have a confrontation with.

All that would make this whole blasted 'rescue' complete would be for Nirfy to come bounding by. Urgh.
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October 13th, 2005

09:32 pm - Confrontations
Fa'Lina isn't happy...you can always tell because her form starts to become unstable.

I was worried this was going to happen. However when she didn't do anything the second we arrived onto SAIA, I had sort of hoped she was simply in a very good mood. Moreso after her casual manner while around Merlitz. She can be tolerant of adventurers, but usually she is quick to show her major dislike of them. So I suppose I should be thankful she decided to be formal around Merlitz...

I just hope Merlitz doesn't do anything really dumb while he's wandering around.
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October 4th, 2005

11:20 pm - Read my lips, read your mind,
I figure I'll give a bit of an expo on the way mind-reading works with Cubi...

Well in the terms of "mind-reading" there are actually 3 various levels.

The most general is thought-reading...which is actually what most beings are guilty of Basically if someone is thinking, the mental pattern is projected like a voice and can be picked up. Hence if you are humming a song in your head or are imagining a pink elephant, a Cubi around you might pick up the tune or comment on it. This however requires no real intrusion and a Cubi can't see anything that one isn't thinking of. (therefore a Cubi wouldnt be able to probe your thoughts with it unless the particular being/creature was actively thinking about it.)

And as one can guess, its not a really reliable method because one can easily think thoughts of the wrong venue as easily as one can speak them. Simple mental exercises can be done to prevent thought-reading, though most will simply add a mental shield with a spell.

Second level requires a bit of skill, and that is where a Cubi can actively prod the mind of someone for data. However its usually done by a method of connections. An active thought of a certain smell can be traced to a particular memory and to a different experience. This method works more on a level of subconcious, requires a lot more skill, but also tends to come up with a whole lot of dead ends due to the connections often being randomly put together in some cases. And unlike the first one, it often requires a bit more cooperation with the subject.

This is also the same level of skill as dream-treading, where a Cubi can wander into a beings dreams...since in a way they are thought-projecting them but the dream contains enough links that a skilled Cubi can pull up stray ideas from the subconcious. It also helps that most beings when asleep are the most relaxed which makes the process a whole lot easier.

Third level is generally a more expert method where a subjects mind is more or less scanned completly. This particular method takes a good amount of time and energy and can actually be pretty dangerous(triply so if the subject is being forced) Only the really powerful or really desparate would bother trying to go for a full mind scan. Granted there are minor versions that only skim certain areas, but the Cubi would need to be really precise in knowing what to look for.

It's slightly ironic in the sense that this particular version is what most beings equate to mind-reading, however it is the method most rarely used by Cubi. (as it requires preparation, and a lot of time/dedication)
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September 14th, 2005

02:32 am - Walking...
Been walking forever...if I needed to drink I'd be going "water...need water..."

According to the ratty-mouse girl, we should be getting close soon. Thank God.

The real irony is of course that despite being underground for who knows how long and no other sign of life in sight, I'm still able to get a pretty decent internet access.

Jyrras might be annoying, but I give him credit when it comes to finding a connection.
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July 28th, 2005

09:32 pm - Mad mad mad.
Everyone is finishing up their packing...I guess that means we'll be leaving soon. I won't lie, I'm in a pretty terrible mood cause of earlier. I found Merlitz packing his things and couldn't help but notice he was bringing along one of his weapons. When confronted about it he said it was something about being prepared for worst scenarios and adventuring habit and some other junk.

Seriously though! What exactly would he be doing in a worst case scenario that would require a flame-blade if all we are doing is going to "talk/find" Dan without any trouble.

Maybe it was just habit. I dont know...I probably should have kept my temper in check. Either way Merlitz isn't talking to me which is going to make this sewer-romp oh so more -wonderful- I just know it. This whole thing is getting more and more foreboding and less like a pleasant visit every minute.
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July 23rd, 2005

05:57 pm - Questions and Answers: 2

Hi again dahlings.  Only have a little time to answer questions...we're getting things packed up and ready for their "trip" to the Academy.  I admit though even if the reason for the journey is less than ideal, I am a bit excited to going back to see all my friends.

Ok now...question from merryjest :

Considering the misconception that adventurers have about Cubi (ALL Cubi getting their kicks from pain, etc), and their tendency to, well, go after them, I am sure it is not too wild an assumption that the Academy has some sort of pensum that trains its Cubi to identify and deal with Adventurers... you know, something like "The Joy Of Hacks: How To Identify And Deal With Adventurers Before They Deal With You!"

You'd be somewhat right, though the titles are usually more boring than the ones you came up with.  Almost all Cubi, even the peaceful ones will take lessons in defense and how to deal with adventurers.  There are a few varying levels in that regard, from the simple "stun and flee" approach to more dramatic and epic battle-strategies. 

Question from talonr :

What's the difference between feeding off of something's emotions and feeding off of soul-energy? Are both required or is one just more filling than the other or... ?

And are their ever.. *trying to think of term for it* racial cross-breeds? Like... demon/cubi crosses? Angel/cubi, dragon/cubi, gryphon/cubi, things like that?

First question.  Emotions and soul energy are rather two different things in a lot of ways.  Emotions and just aura-energy(an energy most creatures or beings give off simply by being alive and emotional) are substantial in ways of actual food.  A cubi could live very well simply feeding off the emotions of others...in fact many cubi prefer to do that.  Emotional feeding is most of the time a passive activity. A cubi doesn't actively have to force emotions(in fact it can often ruin the flavour of certain types) and can just sit back and let emotions surround them.  Soul-energy on the other hand is a very hands-on thing and is more 'physical' persay.  Cubi don't really use it to "feed" persay so much as it enchances and empowers their magical abilities.  It makes them stronger and more powerful, but it doesn't really make them less hungry.  Though given enough soul energy, cubi can learn to overcome their dependancy on emotions even.

Second question: It varies from species to species.  Angel and Demon have always been easy(no pun intended...much) to crossbreed between themselves, beings, cubi... so a cubi/demon or a cubi/angel crossbreed isn't that uncommon.  They generally are just cubi with a particular penchant for either dark or light magic.  However...other races aren't exactly genetically compatable even with magic acting as a chaotic counter.  I dont think the dragon or insectis race can interspecies breed at all...as well as Gryphons.  The firey pheonixs dont really...er...breed...and I've never heard of a Mer-crosspairing.  Course I have never heard much of the Mer in general.  Mythos will vary...I do remember seing a couple taurish cubi before...Undead cannot breed at all.  Never heard of a Were crossbreed...but the Were are also the types to not really be social in the first place.  I guess the answer varies.  Certain races are completly out due to them being too different to be compatable.

Question from spotweld :

Do all Cubi end up with such keep fashion sense as part of their academy training, or is that just the result of being around long enough to know what looks good as well as feels good?

Heehee.  Well most Cubi go through phases. Some will go through a phase where fashion and things are not important to them...others go through a hyper-sense of fashion.   It tends to vary. It also doesnt help that the wold outside moves in terms of style much faster than in the Academy.  What is stylish now will likely become the big style in 50 years at the Academy.  As such, most fashion classes tend to teach the basic principles of good taste rather than what is currently in vogue.  Things like symmetry, sense of colours/styles...comfort...as such most cubi leave with a general knowledge of things and are able to choose their personal taste of clothing without having to deal with missing a trend 50 years late.


This has been much fun. I think I will do one more set of questions before I go back to the inane details of my life.  Thank you everyone who has had questions so far.  Its been very enjoyable.

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July 21st, 2005

01:05 pm - Question and Answers: 1

jade_darkness :

How do you plan to keep the others from causing havoc and mayham at the acadmy?

Very carefully.  If anything I am tempted to see if I can find Fa'Lina and explain the situation and thus the whole thing can be resolved with as little chaos as possible.   My biggest concern is of course that like adventurers do, they will probably want to split up.  While I think Mab and Pip will be fine...I'm not so sure about the other three...though there is something about the ferret-girl (Wildey? Wilder?) that strikes a chord I can't describe. 


Question from talonr :

It's my understanding that Cubi have markings on themselves that reprisent their clan. I'm curious... I'm assuming that Cubi don't normally breed within their own clans, because there's always the possibility of unwanted inbreeding, or I could be wrong and the clans could be so huge that the possibility of that is very rare so they don't worry too much about inter-clan-breeding at which case my question is pointless =0_o= Buuuuut assuming that cubi of two different clans have a kid, which marking does he end up with? Clan marking from the father, clan marking from the mother, one of each, a mixture of the two? Does it have to do with something like which of the two clans is more powerful?

Its generally not common for clans to marry into their own clan. (though there are one or two large enough that it is ok. However there is a slight social taboo even against that) However when two Cubi marry and have a child, the child will often have the marking of the more dominant house.  Whichever clan has more magical energy and power behind it usually controls the bloodlines.  It should be mentioned though that most clans have a power limit based on numbers. While a large clan can often mean more power, if there are too many Cubi of that clan, lower generations might end up being weaker in magic and skills.  So depending on the generation and the goals, most Cubi will try to search for a partner that is beneficial for both sides.  Not the most romantic of things I confess...which might explain why a few Cubi prefer to partner with beings on the side.


Question from tug_the_dragon :

Why don't the cubi just feed off each other?

It depends on what you call "feeding" I guess.  Anything that has emotions can more or less be considered ideal food by Cubi. One of the reasons the Academy is so recommended nowadays is that it offers an enormous power-boost to those who go there due to the constant emotion spectrum from all the students.  It really does give many Cubi a good head start into the world rather than having them need to scrape and become desparate for food/energy/power right off the bat like before.  Soul-energy and other forms are more tricky. While it is possible for a Cubi to soul-drain another Cubi, its rather taboo and it usually takes a lot of energy with little gain.(While I'm sure beings don't like their souls being taken,  they tend to be much easier targets than someone who can hurl lightning with ease.)

Question from jousterl :

What's the SAIA's policy on technology? Are they as innovative as the next school, or are they strictly magic, and would refuse, say, Jyrras if he were to suddenly display 'cubic tendencies?

Also, is the SAIA more like college in that there's a Don't Ask Don't Tell policy in terms of what goes on outside of class? Or do they care?
SAIA has always been more close to technology and modern times than other schools for Creatures...but even then its a bit under-par in comparison to modern technology.  In fact many graduating Cubi will go through a slight culture shock from all the recent technological advances. This has been increasingly moreso though in the past 100 years...as a Cubi going into school when gryphon-carts were the main transportation comes out and discovers cars.  There are a few courses from what I heard Fa'Lina was working on that would incorporate more technology into things and research.
To be honest...Jyrras would likely be in a bit of danger if particular Cubi thought he would make an excellent addition to the ranks of Cubi and "turned" him.  Sad to say, some creatures aren't so selective or kind when it comes to "inviting" beings into the ranks. (And before you ask, many of the creature races have ways to make a being into one of them.  Its just rarely used as its more a bother than anything.)
As for the second question, there isn't much a secret of what goes on...the only secret is how to get there and even that isn't too elusive.(well...it wasnt until I found out there was a basement entrance.)  While I'm sure there are a lot of secrets there, they apparently are very well at staying secret.  If the walls have ears, they seem to not have a mouth to go with them.
Thats all the questions so far. This is quite fun. If anyone has anymore questions, feel free to ask.

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